Massage therapy is available during your stay at Casa de Carrasco Yoga Retreat or Lampolla.

Treatments range from detoxification and lymphatic drainage treatments to anti cellulite and also a blissful relaxation massage. Prices start from as little as €25 and include locally sourced oils.

Our massage room is within the farmhouse. Candles, incense and music combine to relax you during your healing therapy session.

From €25

Body Treatments

massage lampolla costa daurada

Treat Yourself to a Massage at Casa de Carrasco Yoga Retreat




Anti Cellulite massage Concentrating on cellulite prone areas of the body, Lavender oil and a deep kneading massage are used to stimulate the fat cells stored in the top layers of skin. Cellulite is softened and released by this beneficial treatment. 30 Mins €25

Detox Massage Focusing on Lymphatic drainage of the entire body. Circulation and oxygen levels are improved, ensuring healthy skin tone. The body’s natural immune system is boosted and increased vitality is experienced. 45 minutes – €45

Gentle Healing Massage A blissful, soothing massage to erase any traces of stress. A personalised blend of aromatherapy oils is mixed to work in harmony with your skin type. 45 minutes – €35

Sports Massage A deep tissue massage to heal sore and overworked muscles. Beneficial for both injury prevention and treatment of sports related injuries. Stiff muscles are eased by releasing lactic acid build up, performance is improved. 45 minutes – €50

Treat Yourself to a Pedicure at Casa de Carrasco Yoga Retreat

Pedicure A relaxing treatment for your feet. Each foot is gently cleansed, massaged and exfoliated with a scented salt scrub, then a rich emoliant lotion is applied. Choose your nail colour for perfect yoga toes! 30 Minutes €25

Treatments take place at Casa de Carrasco for your own convenience. To book your appointment please ask Sarah when here at Casa de Carrasco.

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