Partner Yoga

sarah and lina boat pose at Casa de Carrasco

sarah and lina boat pose at Casa de Carrasco

We love to include partner yoga in our classes here at Casa de Carrasco yoga retreat. The physical closeness of the poses always brings people together and introduces laughter and fun into the session.
We may not always hold a new, and perhaps scary looking pose very elegantly but by interacting with our fellow yogis we´ve instantly found some common ground while we learn to balance mind and body.

We realise that we´re not so different, that we´re all simply looking for, or enjoying equilibrium and acceptance as we are today.

We´re expanding our awareness to include others around us, on and off the mat. And by trying and exploring these sensations we´re having fun in the process!

Partner yoga is practiced every week at Casa de Carrasco Yoga Retreat, come and join us!

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partner yoga
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