Read in a Hammock And Enjoy A Relaxing Holiday In Spain

relaxing holiday in Spain

Reading in a hammock – One of Our Favorite Things To Do!

One of our favorite things to do on a hot afternoon and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Spain is to hide from the sun in a shady hammock, hung from our two hundred year old olive tree.

This majestic tree offers deep shade, peace and time for contemplation.

It´s such a great invention, here´s a little of  the humble hammock´s history…

hammock, from the Carib hamorca, a type of native bed, and the bed of the naval seaman for hundreds of years, but not any longer, as the modern seaman sleeps in a bunk. The hammock was invented, it is said, by Alcibiades, but its introduction in ships dates from the time of Christopher Columbus who noted that the natives of the Carib islands used them slung between trees. The maritime version is made of canvas with a row of small eyelet holes at each end through which are rove nettles which spread from a ring. When used on board, hammocks were slung from hooks in the deck beams. When not in use they were lashed up, with the blankets inside them, by nine turns of a rope. In the days of sailing warships, hammock nettings, protected by quarter-cloths, were placed along the sides of the upper deck and along the break of the poop so that the hammocks in them could act as a protection from musket fire from an enemy ship during battle. They were also stowed like this so that they would float free in the event of being sunk in battle, as a properly lashed hammock could support the weight of a man in the water for a considerable time.

Taken from “hammock.” The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea. 2006. (October 9, 2011).

And for those who have never swung in a hammock before………

How To Sleep in a Hammock

1) Dress in loose, comfortable clothing so you can move about freely in your hammock.

2) Set a cool drink and any other materials you might need next to the hammock before getting in.

3) Back up to the hammock like you would to a chair.

4) Pull the far side of the hammock up and above your head so that the bottom of it is at chest level.

5) Lie back into the hammock.

6)Draw in your feet and stretch into a comfortable position.

7) Position your body so you lie diagonal in the hammock. This will support your back and provide the most comfort. If you’re sleeping in an extra-wide or double hammock, lie across the center for extra support.

8) Close your eyes and let yourself gently sway by pushing off from the ground.

9) Move about as you normally would in a bed. The hammock’s extra material on both sides will hold you in.

10) Swing your legs over the side of the hammock and sit up when you wish to get out. Support yourself by holding on to the edges of the hammock.

(Source: ehow – How to sleep in a hammock)

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