Why do we Call Our Spanish Retreat Casa Carrasco?

Many of our guests are curious about the name of the yoga retreat and whether or not we have chosen it oIMG_0029urselves. Well, firstly ‘Carrasco’ is the Spanish name for the bush that surrounds the retreat and covers the mountains here in the Natural park. The English equivalent is a Hollyoak bush. The name literally translates to “Hollyoak House” (Yes, we do feel like we are living in Hollyoaks the soap opera some days when we have a lively group of guests here!)

For hundreds of years the locals have collected the little acorns produced by the bush in Autumn and ground them to a paste to create a wet flour. We’ve tried it here and made some delicious and nutty pancakes – a little labour intensive, but yum!

The original owners built the existing farmhouse over two hundred years ago with rocks and clay found on site. The descendants of the original inhabitants sold the ‘finca’ (farm) to us and filled our newly arrived heads with stories of a wild and ‘Carrasco’ covered landscape – a very different finca from the one we enjoy today.

For more details of how we now use the Finca take a look here http://www.yogaholidayspain.com/about-us/





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